Smart Contract Checker API

Check smart contracts for security vulnerabilities and potential scams.


Instantly check any of the 55+ million smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet.


Use the world's most advanced machine learning models for analyzing smart contracts at scale.


Analyze any Mainnet smart contract, even if no source code or ABI is available.

How it works

The Smart Contract Checker API works by using a combination of machine learning, static, and dynamic analysis to check the contract source code and metadata associated with the contract (i.e. owners/creators) for scammer characteristics.

What we look for:

Scammer owners/creatorsCheck if the contract was deployed or ever controlled by
a wallet that is known to be a scammer.
Security vulnerabilitiesCheck if there are any security vulnerabilities in the contract
source code that could lead to attacks that might drain assets
or otherwise allow unauthorized changes. See the
Smart Contract Weakness (SWC) Registry for some examples.
Scam contract codeCheck for code patterns or behaviors that are known to be used in
scam contracts (i.e. honeypots).
Verified contract codeCheck if any contract involved in the transaction has verified source
ERC complianceCheck if the contract is compliant with any of the typical ERC
standards for NFTs (ERC721, ERC1155) and cryptocurrencies
Allow/deny list presenceCheck if the contract is present on any allow lists of verified
safe contracts or deny lists of known scammer contracts.

Use cases


Protect your users and your brand by checking NFT smart contracts before listing new collections in order to prevent accidentally exposing your users to scams.


Check contracts at transaction time in order to protect your users from interacting with scam or otherwise vulnerable contracts.


Protect your users and your brand by checking ERC20 smart contracts before listing new tokens on the exchange in order to prevent loss for you and your users.