Wallet Checker API

Check if wallets are known scammers, have association with scammers, or exhibit scam behavior.


Instantly analyze any of the 166+ million Ethereum wallets.


Backed by daily analysis of on-chain activity for all wallets.


Use best-in-class machine learning to detect scammer wallets.

How it works

The Wallet Checker API works by using machine learning to analyze the transaction history of a wallet in order to determine if they present scammy behavior. It also checks if the wallet is on any known scam deny lists, or interacts with known scammers/scam smart contracts.

What we look for:

Association with scam wallets/contractsCheck if the wallet has a history of transacting with any wallet or contract known to be scammers.
Scam behaviorCheck if the wallet demonstrates a history of transaction patterns similar to known scammers.
Allow/deny list presenceCheck if the wallet is present on any allow lists of verified
safe wallets or deny lists of known scammer wallets.

Use cases


Check wallets at transaction time in order to protect your users from interacting with scammers.


Check if users are scammers to prevent potentially stolen funds from entering your liquidity pools.


Check if users are scammers to prevent potentially stolen NFTs from being listed on your marketplace.