Web3 Domain Checker API

Check if domains are impersonating legitimate domains and likely to be hosting scams.


Backed by our powerful platform that indexes all new domains across the entire internet daily.


Detect scam domains within 1 day of registration.


Find sites impersonating your own before they have even launched.

How it works

The Domain Checker API works by analyzing the similarity of the given domain to those of official project sites, marketplaces, exchanges, and other dapps in order to determine their legitimacy.

What we look for:

Domain impersonationScam websites often use domain names that are iterations of
legitimate websites in an effort to deceive the user into thinking they
are the legitimate one. We detect this for all major NFT project sites,
marketplaces, and dapps.
Allow/deny list presenceCheck if the domain is present on any allow lists of verified
safe domains or deny lists of known scammer domains.

Use cases


Protect your users and your brand by validating domains of project websites before listing new NFT collections in order to prevent accidentally exposing your users to scam collections.


Check domains in realtime as your users browse web3 in order to protect them from scam websites and prevent them from making transactions that are sure to leave them rekt.