Website Checker API

Check websites for drainer templates, malicious code, and other crypto scam techniques.


Powered by an industry-leading catalog of drainer templates discovered by our platform.


Daily scans of all newly published NFT/crypto websites ensure we are up to date.


Protect users from the thousands of scam sites discovered already.

How it works

The Website Checker API uses a combination of static and dynamic analysis of the website source code, website behavior, DNS registration, and even the URL itself.

What we look for:

Drainer codeCheck for code on the website that will trigger transactions or signature requests that can drain your wallet of assets.
Presence on allow/deny listsCheck if the website is on any allow or deny list indicating if the site is known to be trusted or a scam.
Association with scam wallets/contractsCheck if there are any wallet or contract addresses associated with the website that are known to be scammers.
Anti-scam-detection codeCheck for techniques on the website used to prevent code inspection. Sometimes the best way to detect scam code is to detect that someone is preventing you from finding it. We look for these techniques as a signal that the site is likely a scam.
Domain impersonationScam websites often use domain names that are iterations of legitimate websites in an effort to deceive the user into thinking they are the legitimate one. We detect this for all major NFT project sites, marketplaces, and dapps.
Suspicious keywordsSome scammers leave traces of their intentions within the contents of the website. We look for specific key phrases that are frequently associated with scam sites.

Use cases


Protect your users and your brand by validating project websites before listing new NFT collections in order to prevent accidentally exposing your users to scam collections.


Check websites in realtime as your users browse web3 in order to protect them from scam websites and prevent them from making transactions that are sure to leave them rekt.

Whatโ€™s Next

Get started using the Website Checker API with our quickstart guide!